City Career Services specializes in ….

taking job seekers from the first line on their resume through the first 90 days on the job!

Our service packages reflect that focus – review them here, then scroll down for a complete description of each service.

Bronze: Setting the Foundation Package

Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile, DISC Assessment

This package is for you if you want to get started quickly with strong documents that support your professional goals. We’ll gather everything required to write the resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile so you can get out to the market quickly.

Professional: $1595                Executive: $1895+



Silver: Executing a Strategy Package

3 Interview Coaching Sessions, Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile, DISC Assessment,

Achievement-oriented professionals will get what they need with this package. It provides the foundational tools you need to market yourself, plus the coaching insights that will help you communicate your accomplishments and develop your value messages for employers.

Professional: $1995                Executive: $2295+



Gold: Taking Care of Business Package

On-going, Scheduled Coaching Sessions and Between-Session Support / Q&A Until You Land a New Job, DISC Assessment, Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile, Executive Bio, and 1-page Networking Resume

Do you prefer a deep and broad package of services that hits on every aspect of marketing yourself and includes the tools to do so? If so, this package is for you. You will have an excellent package of marketing documents and the insights needed to use them effectively from start to finish.

Professional & Executive: $6500+



Wondering how each of these services breaks down?

  • Coaching: Each month of coaching includes 2 in-person, 1-hour sessions. Sessions are action-oriented and focused on helping you achieve your goals. Topics include creating a job search action plan, managing the demands of a search, incorporating social media into your professional life, networking and outreach, interviewing strategies, and negotiation tactics.


  • Between-Session Support / Q&A: Support via 15-minute telephone and email to address questions and situations as they surface in your job search.


  • DISC Assessment: This 10-minute online assessment reveals both deep and broad insights into how you operate at work. It captures everything from your leadership and management style to the way you execute on goals and work with peers; it will be used to create your resume, coach you on interviewing, and help you make changes where necessary.
  • Resume & Cover Letter: So much goes into preparing these self-marketing tools…a 90-minute face-to-face intake meeting, a questionnaire that captures your thoughts on your career, and follow up questions that result from the meeting. Each of these things come together in an eye-catching, unique resume and cover letter that results in interviews!


  • LinkedIn Profile: Most people are on LinkedIn when they come to City Career Services – but their profile is vastly incomplete and doesn’t do anything to market themselves to the recruiters and employers looking for new talent. City Career Services creates a profile that positions you as a valuable expert worth an employer’s time!


  • Executive Bio & 1-page Networking Resume: With the seemingly never-ending barrage of information, sometimes a 2 or 3-page resume doesn’t get the attention it deserves until an interview. The Executive Bio and 1-page Networking Resume are hard-hitting, concise tools that can be used to quickly convey your expertise and accomplishments.

Á la Carte services are available – just call for a quote! For new graduates and admin-support professionals, please call for a quote that is in line with your experience and needs.

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