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You’ve invested a lot of energy in your career, and are ready to make your next move. But in the heat of a job search, the urgency of sending a resume and cover letter to a Recruiter or Hiring Manager can often take priority over its quality.

Don’t let this happen to you!

An effective resume and cover letter (think of it as a letter of introduction!) is not merely a laundry list of company / department names, job titles, and dates.

Resumes and cover letters are marketing tools that send a clear message about your expertise, experience, and talent. A good resume and cover letter can help you advance your career. With help from City Career Services, yours will highlight and promote your:

  • Hard & Soft Skills – As you know, hard skills can be learned, it is those magical soft skills that are difficult to find. A City Career Services resume and cover letter will reflect both for you!


  • Accomplishments & Experience – You have achieved so much! The way you made a difference is what a potential employer needs to know. It goes beyond listing your responsibilities – it is the result of those assignments that are valuable!


  • Skill Set & Training – Make sure your advanced degrees, important training experiences, and complex skill sets are displayed prominently by integrating them in your accomplishments.


  • In addition to your industry, company, and job knowledge; desire for the position; and your ability to exceed expectations.


Resumes come in many shapes and sizes – your needs depend on your industry, profession, and goals. Talk to Kimberly about everything from a hard-hitting 1-page Networking Resume to a full-blown, contribution-rich 2- or 3-page Resume.

Cover letters are often ignored by job seekers because it is difficult to craft one in a way that will truly capture the potential employers’ attention. Let City Career Services do this for you! Having a really good letter will distinguish you from the pack and, most importantly, it will make a positive difference in your search!


Sample Resumes:


Sample Bio



Sample Cover Letter



Sample Networking Resume




Sample Resume Page 1




Sample Resume Page 2



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